We require proof of vaccination.

This includes Rabies, Bordatella and DHPP for dogs, and Rabies for cats.

We have the right to refuse service.

If we feel that the groom is unsafe for any reason, we will refuse service and refer you to your veterinarian for grooming services. 

We will not do extensive dematting.

A matted pet is an uncomfortable pet. Matting can hide numerous health issues, such as skin infections, parasites, pressure sores, old wounds and hot spots. To demat large areas of the body is painful, and stressful, for your pet. As we aim to make grooming a positive experience, we practice humanity over vanity. An extensively matted pet will be shaved to a "fresh-start" length to ensure the safety and comfort of your pet. We are happy to discuss grooming concerns and an at-home grooming regimen to help us both be successful in obtaining the coat length and style that you desire in the future.

We will not work on drugged animals.

Please discuss any sedation concerns prior to your visit. We strongly prefer to not work on animals under any sedatives, tranquilizers, or anti-anxiety medications. In our experience, drugged animals act confused, disoriented or even unpredictably, and often relate drugging with an imminent medical procedure. It can be alarming for the animal to be drugged in an unfamiliar environment, and we aim to make grooming a familiar, positive part of the pet's routine.

COVID Policies

Masks are required in accordance to California regulation. All services must be scheduled to allow us to adhere to social distancing guidelines. Please call for an appointment.